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DGT Product Catalogue 2022
Discover the wide product range of DGT.
Rules Of Chess
A short introduction to the basic rules of chess.
DGT Brochure
DGT at a glance.

DGT Centaur Crystal Edition

DGT Centaur Crystal Edition Logos
DGT Centaur Crystal Edition Picture
DGT Centaur Manual

DGT Pegasus

DGT Pegasus Quick Guide
DGT Pegasus Quick Guide for Calibration
DGT Pegasus Manuals
Multi language
DGT Pegasus Logos
DGT Pegasus Pictures
DGT Pegasus safety and compliance sheet
Multi language
DGT Pegasus calibration video
Short video on how to calibrate the DGT Pegasus.
DGT Pegasus teaser video
Introductory video about the DGT Pegasus.

DGT Centaur

DGT Centaur Advertisments
DGT Centaur Logos
DGT Centaur Pictures
DGT Centaur Banner
DGT Centaur Quick Guide
DGT Centaur Manual
DGT Centaur teaser video
Introductory video about the DGT Centaur.


DGT2010 Manual
DGT2010 Product sheet
DGT2010 Product Pictures


DGT Pi Manual
DGT Pi Product Pictures

Repair manuals

Repair of DGT2010 lever switch
Worn lever repair
Repair of asymetric lever switching DGT2010
DGT2000 Repair
Diagnostics procedure repair of an e-Board
DGT2000 Repair procedure advanced
Calibrating the e-Board
DGT XL returns to option number repair

DGT Centaur Bag

DGT Carrying Bags Product sheet
DGT Centaur Bag Product Pictures

DGT Carrying Bag

DGT Carrying Bags Product sheet
DGT Carrying Bag Black Product Pictures

DGT Club Pack

DGT Club Pack Product Pictures

DGT Echo

DGT Echo Product Pictures
DGT Echo Spoken Quick Guide
DGT Echo Quick Guide

DGT Easy

DGT Easy Plus Manual
DGT Easy Manual
DGT Easy Product sheet
DGT Easy Plus Product sheet
DGT Easy Plus Product Pictures
DGT Easy Black Beyond Product Pictures
DGT Easy Crimson Cruz Product Pictures

DGT North American

DGT North American Manual
DGT North American Product sheet
DGT North American Product Pictures

DGT Polgar Deluxe

DGT Polgar Deluxe Product sheet

DGT Travel Timer

DGT960 Manual
DGT960 Product sheet
DGT Travel Timer Product Pictures


DGT1001 Manual
DGT1001 Product sheet
DGT1001 White Product Pictures
DGT1001 Black Product Pictures


DGT1002 Manual
DGT1002 Bonus Timer Product Pictures


DGT1005 Manual
DGT1005 Byo yomi Timer Product Pictures


DGT1006 Manual
DGT1006 Backgammon Product Pictures


DGT3000 Manual
DGT3000 Product sheet
DGT3000 Limited Edition Product Pictures
DGT3000 Product Pictures

DGT Revelation II

Revelation II Manual
Revelation II Retro Software
Revelation II Anniversary Edition
DGT Revelation II Product sheet
Revelation II Product Pictures

DGT Starter Box

DGT Chess Starter Box Grey Product sheet
DGT Chess Starter Box Brown Product Pictures
DGT Chess Starter Box Grey Product Pictures

DGT Chess Pieces

DGT Electronic Chess Pieces Product sheet
DGT Plastic Chess Pieces Product sheet
Official FIDE Set chess Pieces Product Pictures
Ebony Chess Pieces Product Pictures
Modern Staunton Chess Pieces Product Pictures
Royal Chess Pieces Product Pictures
Timeless Chess Pieces Product Pictures
Classic Chess Pieces Product Pictures
DGT Plastic Chess Pieces 95mm

DGT Smart Board

DGT Smart Board
DGT USB e Board Product sheet

DGT Tournament Board

DGT Tournament e Board Manual
DGT Tournament Board Product Pictures